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WNBA Star And Beauty Influencer Te’a Cooper Collaborates With Meta

Te’a Cooper, point guard for the Los Angeles Sparks, is successfully building her brand at the intersection of sports, beauty, tech, and empowerment. The WNBA star is a beacon of inspiration both for her prowess on the basketball court and as a fashion and beauty influencer.

Recently launching Hollywood Luxury Hair, Cooper captures the essence of empowerment and beauty. She and her experienced team have swiftly positioned the brand, founded in 2022 in an already saturated industry, by encouraging women to embrace their beauty. Hollywood Luxury Hair sells clip-ins, hair bundles, and wigs, among other hair items.

Cooper’s journey goes beyond the boundaries of beauty and basketball. Teaming up with Coi Leray, she made a significant splash in the music world through a cameo appearance in the music video for Leray’s single “Make My Day,” featuring David Guetta. 

BLACK ENTERPRISE sat down with Cooper to discuss her collaboration with Meta, Hollywood Luxury Hair, and embracing beauty inside and out. 

The Beauty Business

As consumers increasingly focus on beauty and esthetics, the hair accessories market is expected to grow to $35.41 billion in 2026. Cooper looks to take advantage of the market opportunity by differentiating Hollywood Luxury Hair while also targeting a familiar audience. 

From her experience of playing basketball at a high level, Cooper quickly realized that maintaining luxurious hair while competing is an expensive pursuit.

“It’s expensive when you have to play, sweat, and change your hair every week,” Cooper told BE. “Hollywood Luxury hair is high-quality hair that helps keep natural hair healthy at an affordable price.” 

Cooper is a true girly girl with a love for all things beauty, which she says inspired her to start her business.

“I’ve always loved being a lady and keeping myself together esthetically. I love getting my nails, hair, and lashes done. All of the girly things is a lane I love to be in. Going to school for marketing also allows me to use my education to propel my business.”

Meta’s “It’s Your World”

Cooper and multiplatinum recording artist Coi Leray teamed up for Leray’s “Make My Day” music video featuring David Guetta. The video, part of Meta’s “It’s Your World” campaign, celebrates women’s basketball as well as anime, with renowned manga artist Acky Bright lending his artistry to the project. 

“Coi and I both allow people in our metaplatforms to get a taste of our worlds,” remarks Cooper. 

Carving out their lanes in competitive professions, Cooper and Leray successfully reinvent and reimagine. 

“We are connected by being ourselves and love for the other’s profession. She loves basketball, and I always wanted to be a rapper,” Cooper says, laughing.  

Through Hollywood Luxury Hair and her partnership with Leray and Meta, Cooper aims to inspire women to embrace their beauty, be confident in their uniqueness, and celebrate the diverse forms of empowerment that come their way.

The intersection of sports, beauty, and tech

The power of sports, beauty, and tech allows Cooper to relate to her audience and expand her reach. She believes you can take control of your life, and Meta’s “It’s Your World” campaign sends a message that young women should embrace. 

“If I can share one piece of advice to young women, it would be to begin thinking about what you stand on morally, what you believe in, and having a firm foundation on who you are personally,” says Cooper. “Having a strong foundation will keep you from being swayed by every trend or opportunity that doesn’t align with who you are.” 

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