‘Woman With No Clothes On…Twerking’, Houston’s Turkey Leg Hut Owners Explain Dress Code

‘Woman With No Clothes On…Twerking’, Houston’s Turkey Leg Hut Owners Explain Dress Code

The owners of Houston’s popular Turkey Leg Hut (TLH) are opening up about their highly criticized dress code and explaining why they felt forced to implement one after seeing women come in wearing “nothing.”

Turkey Leg Hut owners Lynn and Nakia Price recently appeared on Tony Robinson’s Get Yo Ass Up show where they addressed their eatery’s dress code policy that came under fire last year. Since opening their restaurant in 2015, TLH has skyrocketed in popularity with Houston locals and visitors seeking out the establishment to throw down on their scrumptious turkey legs.

However, the Prices noticed that some female patrons came into the restaurant wearing little to no clothing. With the restaurant still being a family establishment, the Prices decided to implement a mandatory dress code.

“Please let me break down this dress code,” Nakia explained.

“The dress code was implemented simply because in all of the years we have been in business, we never had to implement a dress code. We’ve never had to tell people how to act. We never had to do anything like that.”


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Nakia shut down rumors that she implemented the dress code out of jealousy of her man looking at another woman. The Prices revealed it was Lynn’s idea to implement the dress code after noticing children staring in amazement at some of the clothing and behavior from certain patrons.

“You bring your child in there and the child looks and says, ‘Mommy, I’ve seen it where we sit,’ and they look at the daddy,” Lynn chimed in.

“Our kids come to the restaurant from time to time and you got women with no clothes on, and they just sitting there and they twerking,” Nakia added. “It’s like, what happened to our self-respect as women.”

The eatery went viral last summer when it announced the new policy and told patrons “We are not a club,” but a “family restaurant” that wants everyone to feel comfortable.