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Woman Sues Disney World After Waterslide Resulted In ‘Wedgie’ And Surgery

A woman is suing Disney World for $50,000 after experiencing a “painful wedgie” and “vaginal lacerations” from riding a waterslide at the Typhoon Lagoon theme park.

In 2019, Emma McGuinness got off the Humunga Kowabunga water slide with injuries that were serious enough to require surgery. According to Complex, McGuinness suffered “immediate and severe pain internally” after the ride. The lawsuit, filed Oct. 27  and obtained by Law & Crime, said, “As she [McGuinness] stood up, blood began rushing from between her legs.”

Details revealed that the woman “became airborne, and she was slammed downward against The Slide,” according to Complex. According to its website, the Humunga Kowabunga is the “fastest and steepest” waterslide at the Walt Disney World resort, located near Orlando. It boasts a nearly vertical 214-foot drop (equal to almost five stories).

The woman’s attorney, Alan Wagner, filed the lawsuit on behalf of McGuinness and her husband, Complex reported. Not only is the couple seeking $50,000 in damages, but they are also accusing Disney of negligence. McGuinness and her husband allege the ride “does not warn women of their increased risk of injury.”

The lawsuit also said, “Because of their particular anatomy, the risk of injury as a consequence of water being forced inside a woman’s body is far greater than it is for a man.”

The entertainment conglomerate provides a statement on safety, saying, “You should be in good health and free from heart conditions, back or neck problems, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure.”

However, the only safety provision that specifically addresses women is that “expectant mothers should not ride,” according to Disney’s website.

McGuinness went to the theme park for her 30th birthday, Complex said. The ride is currently open to kids, tweens, teens, and adults, according to Disney World’s website.