Women in Tech Growing With Virtual Opportunities - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise magazine Fall 2019 issue
No More Working From Home Say Yahoo CEO


The tech industry is booming and it is time for woman to cash in on the benefits. Although it is widely known that there is a lack of women represented in the tech space it does not mean that opportunities are not there. According to a survey from Elance, Women in Technology women are finding more opportunities in tech on a virtual plane. Here are a few reasons why it is a more viable option for women.

Online Work Offers a Level Playing Field

Online, gender discrimination is neutralized, Elance’s results suggest. Instead of being perceived as women, female entrepreneurs and tech employees can get respect based on their skills, merits and accomplishments.

Online Work Provides Flexibility for Work/Life Balance

For working moms, whether they’re employees or entrepreneurs, flexibility is key. Virtual work enables both tech entrepreneurs and tech employees to balance their work and family time better. Sixty percent of women in the Women in Technology study say online work allows them to manage personal and professional lives.

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