Women-Led CBD Brand Introduces Products Made for Women by Women
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Women-Led CBD Brand Introduces Products Made for Women by Women

Carla Joseph is the CEO and founder of Zula Essentials. (Image: Zula Essentials- Facebook)

Entrepreneurial nurse Carla Joseph is on a mission to help women lead a more harmonious life through the use of premium, hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) oil. According to her company’s website, Zula Essentials was created through her own use of CBD oil, in addition to her desire to help other women enhance the quality of their lives.

Zula Essentials’ founder is a board-certified nurse practitioner. She possesses more than 10 years of experience in the health and wellness space and is an advocate of mental health serving as the foundation of a self care routine.

“Zula Essentials, a Black-owned CBD brand for women by women, understands how this uncertain phenomenon changed the lives of women today. To support women in leading a more harmonious life through the use of CBD, the company introduces its CBD oil, gummies, and soothing cream products,” a press release said.

Joseph’s chance introduction to CBD products was mentioned in the press release. When the nurse felt overwhelmed with patients who experienced tremendous trauma, Joseph accepted a friend’s advice to try a CBD product. She slept better and had reduced anxiety. Joseph realized how CBD could help others, too. Now products offered through Zula Essentials are intended for women to use.

CBD oil may be readily available and face less of a stigma, but the press release pointed out that most consumers are unaware that CBD levels exist. Zula Essential’s hemp plants are grown in pure soil in the United States.

“The company owns a proprietary Nanoemulsion technology that breaks down active CBD ingredients into tiny, nano-sized particles to support better absorption by the body,” the press release added.

Zula Essentials’ Facebook page also stated that Zula Essentials Premium Grade Hemp Extract is THC-free.