Working Your Style: Turn Office Fashion Don’ts into Fashion Savvy

Working Your Style: Turn Office Fashion Don’ts into Fashion Savvy

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Everybody knows that person in the office. The sassy receptionist who dresses a little too sexy. The cool ’round-the-way guy whose clothes are too baggy or sloppy. The color-crazed fashionista who takes vibrant just a little too far.

Well, our Working Your Style host, Daisy Lewellyn, gives these workplace fashion offenders a makeover, detailing polished, professional looks that not only upgrade their style but keeps a bit of their unique personalities.

Check out how you can adjust your office style to turn heads — in a good way — and achieve the success you deserve:

(Videography by Melissa Johnson)

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Male Model: Anslem Samuel
Before Look: Model’s Own
After Look:
Shirt: Black Brown 1826
Necktie: Westbury
Suit: Hart Schaffner Marx
Shoe: Allen Edmonds Lambard
Pocket Square: KC7 Designs

Female Model: Janell Hazelwood
Before Look:
Model’s Own
After Look:

Dress: Tahari
Shoes: Michael Kors
Jewelry: Kate Spade

Female Model: Terrena Carriman
Before Look:
Model’s Own

Dress: Tahari
Shoes: Ivanka Trump
Jewelry: AK Anne Klein (Earrings); Robert Rose (Ring); BCBG (Bracelet)

Host: Daisy Lewellyn
Dress: Tahari
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Jewelry: Vince Camuto

Host Hair Stylist: Nathaniel Anton Smith

Host Make-Up: Jewel Gainey

Models’ Make-up: Consuella Helms of Vera Moore Cosmetics

Men’s Stylist: Kenneth Carr of KC7 Designs

Special thank you to Lord & Taylor