A Hot Mess: 3 Ways to Make Your Workspace Productive

A Hot Mess: 3 Ways to Make Your Workspace Productive

For many, their office space becomes an extension of themselves—whether organized or not. Since the majority of your day is spent in the office, it’s ideal that it is a comfortable place to be. Your desk can say a lot about you and how productive you are. If your work area looks like a nightmare of confusion and clutter, you may need to make some changes. Stephanie Vozza, an Enterpreneur.com writer, spoke with professional organizer Jennifer Hoffman, who suggests the following tips to help you get it together:

Cords. If you’re still using a mouse or speakers attached with cords, it may be time to upgrade your technology.

“Cords look like a nest of snakes,” she says. “On a desk, they not only take away from the workable surface area, they create visual clutter. I recommend that people use wireless devices to give back that space and make the area more visually appealing.”

To-Do Pile. A stack of work may seem productive, but it can have the opposite effect.

“A lot of people have a pile of stuff waiting to do,” she says. “They use it to remind themselves of what’s important — except the pile often gets so big and unwieldy that it contributes to distractibility and overwhelms, making you less productive.”

Instead, Hofmann suggests that the to-do list stay on the desk, but the to-do pile be put somewhere else.

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