World’s First Eco-friendly Steam Cleaning Car Wash Franchise

In 2002, Emmanuel Williams, founder and chief executive officer of DetailXPerts professional detailing business, a native Detroiter, was sitting on his porch with his then 8-year-old son Emmanuel Jr. They watched cars go by while talking about the world and the environment. Emmanuel Jr. had an epiphany and asked, “Hey Dad, why don’t you wash cars with steam?” Emmanuel Sr. was puzzled by his son’s query. Like any good engineer, he started experimenting until he perfected the process for steam cleaning that he later patented.

Once the technical aspects were in order, Em­manuel was joined by his wife, Angela, who took on the creation and testing of a business model designed to turn their ideas into profitable solutions.

After proving the business model successful, Emmanuel and Angela decided that this green business was going to be the catalyst for fulfilling one of their major callings in life: helping others achieve financial independence while creating jobs. They also knew they had a simple and affordable concept. After extensive research and consideration, they decided that the win-win relationship inherent to franchising was the most appropriate vehicle to achieve their dream.

The first DetailXPerts auto detail shop opened in 2006 in Indianapolis. In 2008, DetailXPerts created the first eco-friendly vehicle steam cleaning franchise system in the U.S. The company operates in a unique market niche–as they are the leading company using steam cleaning for cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles with an unmatched level of efficiency.

When the U.S. economy took a downturn in 2008, Emmanuel and Angela decided to go international and took the business to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and successfully opened dozens of DetailXPerts franchises there. Now that the U.S. economy is on the upswing, DetailXperts is ready to continue its expansion. There are currently 17 franchises across the country, in CA, IN, MI, FL, TN, CO, WI, GA, and VA. However, they continue to pursue international ventures, working on agreements in Europe, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, and China.

As one of the few African American franchisors in the U.S., the Williams’s are no strangers to challenges. Emmanuel explained that while they had no idea what they would encounter on their journey, they were confident they would get through it.

Emmanuel and Angela take their vision and business very seriously. That vision goes beyond being the best commercial cleaning business out there, they are big environmental advocates and know how important it is to preserve the planet for future generations. The Williams’s find joy in using the gift of their ideas to transforms lives and bring families together.

Low-cost Investment along with Assistance in Securing Customers

DetailXPerts has a low-entry threshold: it’s $35,000 for the initial franchise fee and approximately $35,000 for equipment, supplies, marketing materials, etc. (depending on which business model you choose). With an average cleaning of eight trucks per day, at the rate of $125 per truck, and very little overhead, owners can have a lucrative business while helping save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for building and wastewater facilities.

In addition to the low-entry investment, DetailXPerts helps franchisees acquire customers with their unmatched national call center support for a faster ramp-up. Their call center team will call customers to schedule appointments on the owner’s behalf, even while they are still in training. They will also reach out to their national account partners such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, Penske, etc. to let them know the new owner is now offering DetailXPerts’ quality auto wash and detailing services in their area.

Education and Training

DetailXPerts provides excellent training and support, making it easy for new owners to master everything from managing employees to operating and marketing services. As a part of the investment, franchisees receive in-depth training sessions, follow-up visits, marketing training, reference tools, manuals and templates, team building activities, and continual support–all specifically designed to prepare owners for the new role as an independent business owner.


Nancy earned a degree in sociology from UCLA with a specialization in urban studies and business. Her first business was a partnership in a small record label right out of college. After working with a few tech startups, she concluded her career in the corporate world with 14 years at Sprint, a majority of that tenure as a director in customer and sales operations. Nancy started NValuable Franchise Consulting, in order to provide free consultation, relevant insight, pertinent and candid feedback to her clients, so they are able to confidently purchase the right franchise. As a result, her clients achieve financial independence and a positive, enduring impact on their families and local communities.