45-Year-Old Man Wrongfully Convicted of Double Homicide Sues Kansas City for $93 Million

45-Year-Old Man Wrongfully Convicted of Double Homicide Sues Kansas City for $93 Million

A man who was convicted and spent 23 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, is suing Kansas City, Kansas, for $93 million.

According to KCUR, a Kansas man, Lamonte McIntyre who served 23 years in prison for a double murder, has filed a lawsuit against Kansas City and is seeking $93 million in damages. In the suit, he alleges that a former detective framed him for the crime.

The 45-year-old and his mother allege in a lawsuit filed in 2018 that the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, is accountable for the actions of former Kansas City police detective Roger Golubski and other police officers involved in the prosecution of McIntyre. In the papers, they claim that McIntyre was framed for a double homicide in 1994.

A trial start date has been set for Nov. 7 by a federal judge last Thursday for the civil case. The Unified Government wants the upcoming trial to be heard in Wichita instead of Kansas City due to the amount of media attention the case has attracted in the Kansas City area.

Based on the pretrial order, Golubski, who the McIntyres allege framed the 45-year-old after he had previously sexually assaulted Rose McIntyre, denies the allegations. He has requested that his “alleged bad character” not be used as evidence in the case. If that evidence is admitted, he intends to testify that he was good at the job he held from 1975 through 2010, when he retired.

“Roger Golubski will contend that he was a good cop and detective, that he cared about the community he served, particularly the African American community, and that he sought to hold dirty cops accountable,” his attorney’s statement reads.

Golubski was the lead detective on April 15, 1994, when the double homicide took place on Hutchings Street in Kansas City. The two victims were Doniel Quinn, 22, and Donald Ewing, 34. McIntyre was arrested six hours after the shootings.

Attorneys for the McIntyres state, The Unified Government is responsible for the pain and suffering they experienced due to Lamonte’s incarceration. They allege Kansas City Kansas Police Department executives knew about Golubski’s actions and did nothing to stop him.

“Defendants’ misconduct in Lamonte McIntyre’s case was the predictable result of the KCKPD’s culture of corruption and the KCKPD’s longstanding failure to supervise, discipline, or conduct adequate investigations, free of constitutional violations,” the lawyers state.

The Unified Government argues that it is not responsible, even if the allegations of misconduct can be proven because the police officers’ actions would have been outside the scope of their employment.