Wyclef Jean Blames Stress and Exhaustion for Recent Hospitalization

Wyclef Jean is on the mend after the musician alarmed fans by posting a video recorded from his first-ever hospital stay.

On Monday, the Fugees frontman posted a short video clip showing himself being pushed around a hospital in a wheelchair.

“Sometimes we forget that our body is our temple,” Wyclef wrote. “Be back soon.”

While in the wheelchair, Wyclef explained it was his first time ever staying overnight in a hospital.

“Alright, taking me to the room now overnight,” he explained.

“I’ve never stayed in a hospital overnight. I should be fine though.”


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By Tuesday, Wyclef confirmed he was doing fine and recovering from his recent hospital stint, TMZ reported. The “Killing Me Softly” songwriter said he became ill after returning to Los Angeles from Miami last weekend.

Wyclef reportedly felt numbness on the right side of his face and immediately contacted his family doctor, who sent him to the ER. Dr. Waleed Lashin suggested the Grammy-winning musician stay at the hospital overnight due to the extreme exhaustion that was causing the numbness in his face.

The “Ready or Not” hitmaker needed to remain in good health, as he has business to tend to. Wyclef recently announced the launch of his electric vehicle, the Attucks Apex AP0, which is set to hit the market in 2024, Newsweek reported.

Wyclef created the lightweight electric car with his business partner Elo and plans to headquarter the business in Little Haiti, Miami. The rapper has hopes of giving back to the community by allowing workers from the area to discover, groom, and develop technology for the car, including inventions, technological advancements, sustainability, creativity, design, and coding.

Wyclef also added his own special touch to the Attucks Apex AP0 in the form of “enhanced music and sound experience, analyzing the driver and playing song selections that best fit the mood for optimal driving experience.”