XSET, Co-owned by Afro-Latina Gamer Erin Ashley Simon, Acquires Queens Gaming Collective to Diversify Industry

Women are controlling the game – literally!

XSET, one of the world’s most recognized gaming brands, has acquired Queens Gaming Collective, the top women-led gaming lifestyle org, to build a more diverse, inclusive gaming industry.

According to a press release, XSET owner and Chief Culture Officer Erin Ashley Simon will work closely with Queens as its global roster joins XSET’s existing portfolio, including 44 musicians, pro athletes, content creators, gamers, and other celebrities.

“Being a woman in a male-dominated industry like gaming isn’t easy – there are many challenges that come with it,” the Afro-Latina gamer said. “That’s why I’m looking forward to working with this amazing group of women who want to challenge the status quo, think outside of the box, and have fun along the way.”

“They had high profile backers, which caught my eye — but, most importantly, they were thinking differently, which played a major role in their popularity within gaming culture,” Simon shared in an interview. “As we grow XSET, we want to partner with gamers and creators who deserve the limelight despite age, race and gender, which was one of our biggest motivations for this acquisition.”

CEO and co-founder Greg Selkoe said that bringing Queens into the XSET brand will allow opportunities, revenue streams, merchandise, and other resources to ensure diversity and inclusion in the white, male-dominated industry.

“XSET is a diverse company — from our investor base, board, and employees to our talent. However, we’ve always wanted to increase our number of women content creators,” Simon said. “Now, that we’ve done just that, our goal is to find more opportunities for these ladies, inspire even more women gamers and advocate for them, while truly leveling the playing field. Whether it be securing brand deals, creating their own merch, or working with other XSET talent — we want to offer them support and make sure they’re treated as a pivotal part of our team and the industry overall,  because they deserve it.”

Reportedly, the acquisition will aid in expanding its needed infrastructure, resources, and representation for women competitors.