Yes, You Can Do It: 168 Hours to a Career Breakthrough

Yes, You Can Do It: 168 Hours to a Career Breakthrough

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We all know there’s only 24 hours in the day, and sometimes it seems like it’s just not enough time to do all we think we need to do. But maximizing your time effectively is the key to getting rid of the mindset that days are “too short” or  “move too fast.

Writer Laura Vanderkam offers a strategy that will put you on the right track to making boss moves— not loss moves—in your career. She offers a simple step by step process where you can start a routine that will not only make good use of valuable time, but lead to a more calculated approach to achieving daily goals and a long-term career breakthrough.

1. Sunday night: Look at your schedule. Block out 3 2-hour chunks of time for “strategic thinking sessions.” If you have flexibility with your work schedule, this can be during the work day. Otherwise, show up early and enjoy your quiet office. If your workplace isn’t amenable to this sort of thing (like you work in a restaurant or a busy ER), do it at home in the mornings, or after your kids go to bed. If you’re currently taking care of little kids full time and are looking to get back in the workforce, do it during nap time, get a mother’s/father’s helper, or enlist your partner’s support. The point is, commit to these 3 2-hour sessions. Even happy people watch more than 6 hours of TV per week. You can find the time.

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