Young CEO Lands Walmart Deal, Becomes Youngest Black-Owned Brand in Store History

Young CEO Lands Walmart Deal, Becomes Youngest Black-Owned Brand in Store History

Anything is possible in business, even at the age of six. Just ask Lily Adeleye, CEO (Cutest Executive Officer) of Lily Frilly. According to a statement, the little girl from Florida landed a sizable deal to sell new and exclusive hair bow designs–including the Gold & Glitter Hair Bow, Galaxy Girl Hair Bow, Safari Party Hair Bow and the Candy Rush Hair Bow—with Walmart. The item launch will be in 1,102 Walmart stores and on this month.

(Photo credit: @lilyfrilly–Instagram)

“Lily Frilly started out as a brand my daughter Lily and myself created, as I have always believed it’s important to let your children follow their passions, whether that be art, sports or in this case, growing a business,” Adeleye’s mother, Courtney, said in a statement. “Now, Lily Frilly has become so much more than just that–it’s become a brand children love, as well as a symbol of inspiration and confidence for young girls as well as for the Black community. It’s amazing to see what kids can do, and we’re so glad Walmart is providing this platform to give Lily Frilly the room and attention it warrants.”

According to Lily Frilly’s website, Lily likes all things girly and frilly. The “princess” loves to be the captain of the ship. Learning about investments and watching Saturday morning cartoons with her older brother and sister are things she also likes to do, in addition to learning about investments with her parents.

(Photo credit: @lilyfrilly)

MSN reported that Lily is the youngest daughter of Courtney Adeleye, founder and CEO of The Mane Choice. Courtney, a registered nurse, and her husband, a medical doctor, teamed up to make products which are good for the hair and body. It is no wonder that with her parents’ direction, Lily continues to shine as a kidpreneur. In 2019, BLACK ENTERPRISE reported about Lily Frilly’s distribution deal with Target.