Young Trailblazers Create Empowerment Movement For Entrepreneurs

Young Trailblazers Create Empowerment Movement For Entrepreneurs

When young trailblazers Dayira Jones and Bianca Rush realized there was a lack of resources available for women looking for help with simple business services–graphic designer, photography, web design, etc., they created Ladies Who Brunch in Atlanta, a series of events for current and aspiring entrepreneurial women to connect, gather, and share knowledge over brunch in a metropolitan city.

“Of course, anyone could search Google for a resource, but I prefer to get referrals from other people who can vouch for another person’s work. And, I wanted to connect with people and create relationships, but I did not know where to start. But I met my business partner, Day, and together we changed that with Ladies Who Brunch,” said Rush.

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Since 2013, the Ladies Who Brunch series has attracted a star-studded line-up of panelists, including singer-songwriter Kandi Burruss, digital and cultural influencer Karen Civil, actress-model Cynthia Bailey, fashion stylist Oloris Swank, and many more. The series has traveled to Detroit, California, and North Carolina. And with each event attracting between 200-300 women, the dynamic duo has definitely tapped into a hidden market.

On the heels of their upcoming Ladies Of Business Conference being held on February 5, caught up with Jones and Rush to learn more about their journey. Tell us a bit about your background.
Rush: I’m 28 year old. I recently transitioned from a teacher to a full-time entrepreneur (Sassy Mitchell Hair/Ladies Who Brunch ATL). I graduated from the University of Georgia and I have a BBA in management information systems from the Terry College of Business. When I graduated I worked in the financial services industry at a global accounting firm in Atlanta, Georgia. I spent three years there before transitioning into the field of education. While taking an alternative route to becoming a certified educator, I taught engineering at a magnet high school in Lithonia, Georgia, for three years. But in May 2015, I did not renew my contract as a teacher and began my entrepreneurial journey.

Jones (also known as “DayyBella”): I’m from Washington, D.C., but I’ve lived in Atlanta for about 12 years. Currently, I have a T-shirt line called Bella Bar Tees, which are sold at and exclusively in two boutiques in Atlanta. At 21 years old, I’ve had two successful businesses, selling out each and every event that we host; also being acknowledged by some major companies.

What problem are you are trying to solve?
We’re trying to solve the myth that women can’t support one another and we can’t perform on a level (or higher) as men. We are capable, we have experience and we can develop into powerful businesswomen who are making a huge difference for family, community, and ourselves.

What are your short and long-term goals?
We are looking forward to a successful Ladies of Business Conference, February 5-7, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. And we’re looking forward to turning our brand into a worldwide organization. Our long-term goals are to create an affiliation process where Ladies Who Brunch: Atlanta, is hosted in other cities as well. And we’d love to take our empowerment movement international.

What sets your brunch apart from similar events?
Our brand, team, the execution of our events, the connections made, and our wonderful panelists. We choose successful business owners in different industries so that the audience can get varying perspectives from each panelist. Our speakers have made a dynamic change in their industries! Our team has been the same for over a year and we recently added six wonderful ambassadors! We create events for a variety of people with all talents. We also create a way where the attendees can interact and participate in Q&As.

Since your initial launch, what are your top accomplishments?
Connecting as business partners and creating a brand that connects women. Selling out the Biltmore with our Royal Tea brunch (it was a packed house — easily 350 women!). Creating a women’s conference that has a focus on millennial women and beyond in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can stay connected with the Ladies Who Brunch on Instagram, @LadiesWhoBrunchATL, Twitter- @lwbatl and Facebook- Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta.