‘Your Future Is Now’: The Recording Academy’s Black Music Collective, Amazon Music Kicks Off Third Annual Scholarship Program For HBCU Students

Calling all HBCU students: “Your Future Is Now!”

The Recording Academy is back and in full effect with its innovative scholarship program for the third consecutive year. In collaboration with Amazon Music, the Academy’s Black Music Collective (BMC) kicked off “Your Future Is Now” with an open invitation to aspiring music creators, recording professionals, and executives who proudly represent and attend their respective HBCUs.

“With the support of our incredible DEI team Zing Shaw, Ryan Butler, and Ricky Lyon, we are committed to leveling the playing field for the next generation of Black musicians and professionals by providing them with invaluable mentorship opportunities and experiences to prepare them for careers in the music industry,” said Rico Love, vice chair of the Recording Academy Board of Trustees and BMC Chair.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents currently enrolled at an HBCU pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music, music business, business administration, marketing, communications, or a related field of study, per the Academy. The deadline to apply for the scholarship is Friday, April 28. To apply for the scholarship, visit here.

“Your Future Is Now” has been full of opportunity since 2021. This year, five HBCU students will be chosen to participate and revel in the “opportunity to explore all facets of the music industry by offering unique networking opportunities with revered music industry leaders, including an immersive rotational program.” In addition, they will each be bestowed with a $10,000 scholarship. That’s not all.

Two HBCUs will also receive a $10,000 grant each to invest in equipment for their music programs, thanks to the generosity and DEI efforts of the BMC and Amazon Music.

“As a member of the Spelman College family, I know how HBCU networks serve as an ongoing sources of friendship as well as professional support. Projects like the ‘Your Future Is Now’ scholarship are vital to extending these connections to the next generation of HBCU students,” said Phylicia Fant, Head of Music Industry and Culture Collaborations at Amazon Music.

“The bonds these students will build as part of the scholarship program will last for decades to come, and Amazon Music is thrilled to be at the forefront of diversity and true and meaningful inclusion.”

For more information on the Black Music Collective and the “Your Future Is Now” scholarship, visit here.