Your Verizon Wireless Experience, Transformed

Your Verizon Wireless Experience, Transformed

On Wednesday, Verizon held a media conference announcing sweeping changes to customers’ data plans.

Beginning July 7, you choose the amount of data you want. You make your choices through a new app, My Verizon. Reach Verizon wherever you are and change your plan size and options as often as you want, all on the most awarded wireless network in history.

A new Verizon Plan offers at least 30% more data, claims the carrier, and introduces new features including Carryover Data, Safety Mode, and International Calling and Roaming for Canada and Mexico.

Data Sizes for All

Customers can choose from several data plans, now called “data sizes.” Each data size comes with unlimited talk and testing. The details and pricing for each data size are:

  • Small: Now $35/month for 2 GB (was $30/month for 1GB)
  • Medium: Now $50/month for 4 GB (was $45/month for 3GB)
  • Large: Now $70/month for 8 GB (was $60/month for 6GB)
  • X-Large: Now $90/month for 16 GB (was $80/month for 12GB)
  • XX-Large: Now $110/month for 24 GB (was $100/month for 18GB)

Verizon’s chief marketing officer, Diego Scotti, said, “The phone in your pocket gives you access and control to everything in your life. Now you’ll use your phone to control your wireless experience itself.”

He added, “We are delivering the most simple, straightforward mobile-first experience which we believe will give customers what they’ve told us they want: more simplicity and control right in the palms of their hands.”

New Plans for Small Business 

You can have up to 10 consumer and business lines on an account. Line service charges for the new Verizon Plan remain the same: Every smartphone line is $20 per month, tablets, and Jetpack devices are $10 per month, and connected devices are $5 per month.

The new Verizon Plan sizes are also available for small businesses with 11 to 25 lines and come with the same features of the consumer XL and larger new Verizon Plans. Monthly charges are $15 per month for each phone or smartphone on the new Verizon Plan.