• Kay

    Blacks need to hire more of each other

    • Kunta Kenta

      That helps with racism. Maybe I should start a website called… Oh..couldnt do that…NAACP wouldn’t like that

      • TrueGoddess

        KuntaKenta..are you unemployed? If yes, it’s because you waste time posting dump comments. Go volunteer somewhere.

  • Gina G.

    I made the switch from MBA in Healthcare coursework and just recently graduated. I am amazed at how many opportunities there are in healthcare and particularly Nursing. Nurse Informatics/Nurse administrator/ Nurse Directors/Legal Nurse Consultant, Travel Nurse, etc… Best move I ever made. I have learned soooo much and it’s learning that is relevant to my life, my family’s life and helping people.

  • valencia mcghee

    I have The papers sitting on My desk for legal nurse consultant.
    What kind Of jobs can I get with this training?

  • Naomi

    Over the past few years I’ve noticed there are endless possibilities in healthcare but they seem hard to come by or they don’t pay much. I have a health sciences degree & can use it to do many things in the field but have yet to find anything. I also know numerous people who hold nursing degrees who couldn’t come by a job for nearly a year. I hope that the outlook has improved for the field on a whole & that as Kay says more blacks hire their own. In my case it looks like the only hope I may have is getting another degree.

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