McDonald’s Confirms ‘1 In 8’ Americans Have Worked At The Fast-Food Chain

McDonald’s Confirms ‘1 In 8’ Americans Have Worked At The Fast-Food Chain

McDonald’s, which holds the spot for the largest fast-food chain in the world, conducted a survey and confirmed with Today that one in eight Americans have been employed by Mickey D’s at some point in their lifetime.

The fast-food giant announced its launch of the “1 in 8” initiative that will honor former and current employees. 

“The 1 in 8 initiative is shining a spotlight on the spectacular people that make up the Golden Arches. For the first time, McDonald’s is featuring a cast entirely made up of restaurant crew in its creative campaign – highlighting real stories and real people from local restaurants across TV spots, social media, and digital content,” according to its website.

Anyone who has ever worked for the company will have the opportunity to attend exclusive events that will provide mentorship from fellow alumni who have gone on to become experts in their fields.

“For 1 in 8 Americans, the McDonald’s restaurant experience offers critical life skills and creates opportunities for meaningful work and connections,” said Tiffanie Boyd, senior vice president & chief people officer at McDonald’s, in a press release.

On Oct. 11, Mickey D’s alums gathered in New York City to participate in its inaugural “Homecoming” celebration, where several former employees shared their experiences. Panelists included actress Alejandra Espinoza, chef Harold Villarosa, McDonald’s franchise owner Paul Hendel and Peloton fitness guru Cody Rigsby, who expressed his gratitude for convening with his fellow 1 in 8 members.

“It’s no secret that McDonald’s is my day one,” said Rigsby. “It’s a full-circle moment for me to be able to share my journey to inspire others – including those who had the same start as me and used their job at McDonald’s as a jumping-off point.” 

Artist and founder of Creative Minds Concept Kendall Hurns also served as a panelist at the event. Hurns collaborated with McDonald’s to create a limited edition 1-in-8 letterman jacket, which will be available for purchase on Oct 16 at 10 a.m. ET.

McDonald’s invites former employees to share their stories and join the 1-in-8 program by visiting the company’s website.


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