10 Non-traditional Black-Owned Valentine’s Day Gifts Every Woman Needs 

Looking for some non-traditional Black-owned V-Day gifts? Friends, forget the roses and chocolate, these are the gifts she really wants:

1. Clothing that protects the curls, Kin Apparel


Kin Apparel

Kin Apparel, the Black-owned clothing brand that lines their hoodies and hats with satin to protect the mane is always a “yaaaas” gift. Always. Their classic hoodies and newly released onesies are dope.

Shop: KinApparel.org

IG: @kinapparel_


2. Gold, The Label sunnies that are giving “I just walked off a movie set”

Black Owned Sunglasses Gold The Label

Gold, The Label, the Black-owned brand “for the maximalists” has a pair of ca-uute sunglasses that should be on everyone’s want-list. And also, adorable bags. And, well, everything. Check them out.

Shop: GoldTheLabel.com

IG: @goldthelabel


3. Period Care that Slays: Best, Periodt. & My Happy Flo

Black Owned Period care brands Best Periodt and My Happy Flo showing menstrual cups and supplements

We did say some non-traditional gifts. And what’s a better gift than helping a usually dreadful time of the month, aka, your partner’s period, to go by much smoother? Black- owned menstrual care brand Best, Periodt (high-capacity menstrual cups) and My Happy Flo (period ease supplements) are here to help. Get them both and thank us later.

Shop Best Periodt: BestPeriodt.com

IG: @best.periodt  


Shop My Happy Flo: MyHappyFlo.co

IG: @myhappyflo.co


4. Haircare that smells like a bakery, Donna’s Recipe

Black Owned haircare brand Donnas Recipe

Tabitha Brown and Gina Los Angeles’ Donna’s Recipe products (that recently launched in all Ulta Beauty stores) will have your boo’s hair soft and smelling like a freshly baked sweet potato pie. You both win!

Shop: donnasrecipe.com

IG: @donnarecipe


5. Namesake: Skincare that’s backed by science & has your skin skinning

Black Owned skincare namesake

NameSake is the Black-owned skincare brand founded by Davlyn Mosley and her board-certified dermatologist mom Dr. Lynn McKinley-Grant.  Grab their Daily Moisturizer for your love this V-Day. It’s an advanced rose hip renewal cream that helps brighten and smooth the skin.

Shop: NameSakeSkincare.com

IG: @namesakeskincare


6. Grab BROWN GIRL Jane’s fragrance to ignite all the feels

Black Owned fragrance Brown Girl Jane

BROWN GIRL Jane, a Black-owned fragrance brand that is available at Saks, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales is “designed to layer and enhance your mood.” Yes please! We suggest trying all 3 scents with their Wanderlust Collection Trio pack.

Shop: BrownGirlJane.com

IG: @itsbrowngirljane


7. Hold the dying flowers, get a plant from Grounded instead

Black Owned plant shop Grounded

Cut flowers wilt after a few days, but if you’d like to get your loved one greenery that’ll be around for a while, then Grounded has “plants, accessories, and sets thoughtfully curated to gift during any occasion.”

Shop: Feelgrounded.com

IG: @groun.ded


8. Say ‘You feel like home’ with Karen Jai Home décor

Black Owned home decor shop Karen Jai Home

Unique Black-owned home décor store? Yes please! If your sweetie has been hinting about updating their space, then Karen Jai Home has some great options to do just that.

Shop: KarenJaiHome.com

IG: @karenjaihome


9. Throw your coins at Dove & Butterfly

Black Owned body care product Dove & Butterfly

Okay, lean in. There is a vegan Black owned body care brand that has been flying under the radar by the name of Dove & Butterfly that your love will, well, love. Their products melt on the skin leaving it feeling like butter. They’d thank you forever after this gift.

Shop: DoveAndButterfly.com

IG: @doveandbutterfly


10. For the artist in your life that needs a reminder, Art Pays Me

Black Owned clothing brand for artists Art Pays Me

Remind the creative love of your life that their work is valuable with Art Pays Me. A Black-owned lifestyle brand that has inspiring clothing, accessories and even sketchbooks and paintings that your artist will love. From their site: “Artists have the power to spark joy, inspire revolutions, grow businesses, push culture forward and much more. Yet most people, artists included, underestimate the power of art. We want to change that.”  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Shop: ArtPaysMe.com

IG: @artpaysme