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Gayneté Jones is the Founder and CEO of Best, Periodt. and G.A.M.E. Changing Industries. As a leading business consultant, keynote speaker, best-selling author, podcaster, contributor for Black Enterprise, founder x2 and the creator of Cubicle Ditch Academy, she is known for her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to solve her audience's problems in creative ways. In January 2021 she founded Best, Periodt., a unique femcare brand changing the game. Having studied the behaviors, fears and desires of consumers (millennials in particular), she is the go-to Freedom Slayer to assist this generation to shine brightly, helping them to not just learn how to turn passions into profits, but also how to build sustainable businesses that solve real problems for customers. Even with Best, Periodt. she has made it her mission to create real, meaningful change for period havers around the world. This former United Nations Youth Leader Nominee can be found on Forbes, Shape, Black Enterprise, MSN Money, Refinery29, Sheen Magazine, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, Success, Thrive Global and Medium to name a few. She regularly serves thousands of ambitious women globally through her products, newsletter, trainings, podcast and programs. Check out her Forbes-featured Freedom Slay Podcast everywhere podcasts can be found.