10 Riveting Moments from TechConneXt, Part 2

10 Riveting Moments from TechConneXt, Part 2

Black Enterprise’s TechConneXt Tech Summit 2016 is over. Although the event was a success in total, there were a few moments that really captured how unique, fun, and imperative TechConneXt is in bringing together those interested in furthering diversity in STEM.

Some moments were poignant and stirring, others, funny and light-hearted. Here are more of my favorites. See my first 10 highlights here.

Just “Everette” and “Tristan”

Left-to-right: Everette Taylor, Tristan Walker (Image: File)


There was standing room only in an incredible one-on-one session between millennial tech powerhouses, Everette Taylor, CMO of Skurt and marketing guru, and Tristan Walker, founder, and CEO of Walker & Co. Brands. Both are so well known in Silicon Valley that if you simply mention “Everette” or “Tristan” people know to whom you refer. The audience barely made a sound, captivated, as Everette interviewed Tristan about his life and lessons learned as an entrepreneur.