10 Signs That You’re About to Be Fired

10 Signs That You’re About to Be Fired

There are times when you get a call to human resources suspecting that you must be getting a raise, as you’ve been doing such a stellar job, only to be taken by surprise that you’re actually being fired. These times are rare.

There are other times, however, when you’re frighteningly awaiting that call that you’re being let go because you’ve been getting “the signs.”

What’s worse, though, is if you’ve been getting the signs, but you haven’t noticed them so now your firing has blindsided you.

Below are 10 tell-all signs that a firing is coming so you can be best prepared when it does:

1. You’re not invited to meetings you used to be required to attend

This is a huge sign. Your employer is now looking to collaborate, delegate, and make decisions without your input. They are also figuring out ways to work around you, not with you. Beware.

2. You aren’t assigned projects with distant deadlines

If more and more all of your tasks can be completed in a day or even a week with no long-term projects on your plate, there could be a chance that you’re being weeded out. Safer or desired employees are often given long-term commitments.

3. You’re getting fewer and fewer emails

Those emails aren’t just disappearing; they are being redirected or intercepted. If you’re no longer needed in the loop, then…

4. You’re being asked to train your subordinate and/or create a blueprint on everything you do throughout the day and exactly how you do it

Your employer is likely looking to ensure that once you’re gone, your balls will keep rolling.

5. Your boss is growing distant

If your boss is no longer looking to build a rapport or cultivate a friendly relationship with you, they are probably trying to make it easier for you (and them) to accept the inevitable ax that’s coming down.

6. Your performance reviews are more negative than positive

If your employer has significantly more notes and requests for improvement from you than praise when reviewing your performance, they are likely unhappy with what you’ve been doing. Trust they won’t allow themselves to be unhappy for too long.

7. Your perks are cut

If you used to be the first to be given a chance to take a cool work trip, enjoy a free dinner, or get any requested time off, but now you’re the last, know that your days are likely numbered.

8. Gossip

If every time you enter a room you notice that conversations are being cut off, yes, they are talking about you, and yes, they already know what’s coming.

9. You’ve done the unthinkable

If you’ve recently dropped one of the heaviest balls at work and it causes the company to suffer a large hit, they likely are now looking at you as a liability. They can’t really afford liabilities.

10. There’s a warning

If you’ve been threatened or warned that you’re in the realm of firing, don’t take that lightly. Prepare for next steps.

If some, many, or all of the above are happening to you, it’s time to rework your résumé. If you’re lucky, you won’t have to wait on the inevitable firing, you’ll already be on to your next gig so you can beat them to the punch.

Best of luck!

Safon Floyd is the Digital Editor at Black Enterprise. Follow her @accordingtofon.