11 Black Presidents 50 & Under Besides Barack Obama

11 Black Presidents Under 50 & Their Presidents’ Day Advice for Obama

(Image: Getty)
(Image: Getty)

While the rest of America may have Presidents’ Day off, Barack Obama has no time to sit back and celebrate the historic achievement of being elected as the United States’ first African-American President in 2008 at the age of 47. Instead, he is in the throes of a highly competitive and intense reelection campaign. Therefore it is essential to assess how he can most effectively advance the nation concerning issues of healthcare, the economy, education, foreign aid and more. To help in this mission, BlackEnteprise.com called upon the expertise, insight and wisdom of a select few who can relate to being a Black President. Drawing from the worlds of social justice, technology, the environment, media and the arts, we picked the brains of 11 of the nation’s foremost corporate and nonprofit African American Presidents aged 50 and under to share their thoughts on what President Obama needs to do next to truly cement his legacy and make a difference.

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