11 Ways Black Professionals Are Turning Up Labor Day Weekend

Mark our words when we tell you that there is no other place on earth that celebrates black men the way that we do. And if you were at the Black Men XCEL Summit last year, you know that there ain’t no party like a BMX party because a BMX party don’t stop! From Aug. 29 – Sept. 2, black professionals are planning on playing just as hard as we plan on working to find solutions that will uplift black men in every area of their lives.

After all, what better time is there to turn up than Labor Day weekend and what better place than in sunny Florida?! We know you’re probably thinking of a few places, but, best believe when we tell you that there is no other place that you should be than with us. From spa treatments to back-to-back parties, you are guaranteed to let loose and live your life.

If you couldn’t tell, we’re hype about being less than a month away from all of the festivities! And as you ladies and gentlemen get ready to pack your bags and head to Palm Beach Gardens we wanted to be sure that we put you on to all of the “lituations” that will be taking place this time around.

Here are 11 can’t miss activities at Black Men XCEL:

  1. Mars vs Venus – Forget what you thought you knew about the battle of the sexes because it goes down at Mars vs Venus. If you want to see brothas and sistahs go toe-to-toe over a good game of trivia then you need to join us and Chris Spencer at Mars vs Venus. The ladies took home the win last year but we hear that the fellas are coming back stronger than ever! So bring you’re A-game!


  1. Come get your laugh on with comedians Capone, Jonathan Slocomb, Mark Viera, and more at the BMX Comedy Jam! These brothas have all of the jokes that will have you rolling on the floor!


  1. Someone is going to get their hair wet at The Good Life Poolside Soiree with DJ Nasty, okurr! If you’ve been too busy to make your way to a pool party this summer the BMX poolside soiree is where you need to be.


  1. Time on the green – If you’re looking to unwind, network, and spend some quality time on the green there is no better place to do that than at the PGA National Resort & Spa in sunny Florida. Leveling up is a must for every professional so why not join us for the golfing academy and then show off your stroke during the golf tournament? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


  1. Greek Life Mixer – Grab your frat brothers and sorors and meet us at the Greek life mixer where we’re guaranteed to set it off. So, bring your ‘nalia (but don’t double it up because you will be judged!) and practice your best moves because it’s going down.


  1. Be bad and boujee – Toast to the good life during the art of wine tasting and collection with BE Modern Man Warren Luckett, chief operating officer for Branwar Wine Distributing Co., and channel your inner Basquiat at the paint and sip session.


  1. Come get that chip off your shoulder at The Great Barbershop Debate sponsored by Walmart. We all know that the barbershop is a safe haven for men but ladies you are welcome to join us for heated debates and real talk too!


  1. The BE Modern Men Private Mixer and XCEL Luncheon – Brothas you know you are near and dear to our hearts so it’s only right that we show you some love at a private mixer and at the luncheon where we will recognize all of your greatness.


  1. We can’t emphasize enough how important letting loose is! That’s why there will be non-stop entertainment in the XCEL Lounge where you can enjoy air-hockey, a good game of pool, electronic basketball and more!


  1. Black men are known for being so fresh and so clean (cue the music!). So, come get a free haircut and line up on Walmart! And, ladies you know we didn’t forget about all of you naturalistas rocking a fresh fade or a tapered teenie weenie Afro. We’ve got you covered too!


  1. Dance until your heart is content! You work too hard to not go hard on the dance floor. Wyclef Jean is guaranteed to tear down the house and we’re closing the celebration with the fade to black party. It’s about to be lit!


Grab your ticket today and meet us there for the ultimate turn up!