12-Year-Old Black Entrepreneur Runs Organic Skincare Business

12-Year-Old Black Entrepreneur Runs Organic Skincare Business

The skincare business generates millions of dollars in revenue each year thanks to consumers in search of products that will improve their appearance. Clean ingredients are the key to a healthy skincare regimen, which means more consumers are buying beauty products that consist of organic, natural ingredients.

One young boy used the opportunity to create his own organic brand to help others achieve beautifully smooth skin.

Twelve-year-old Isaiah Klassen of North Carolina launched Organics Perfected earlier this year, a 100% natural beauty collection for people interested in creating a clean routine to improve their skin with products free from harsh chemicals.

Klassen got the idea for the skincare line when he overheard his mother’s friends constantly complain about the harmful ingredients in the products they used.

“Our desire to establish Organics Perfected was to create better products with cleaner ingredients that improve people’s lives,” Klassen said in a video on his YouTube channel. “Your skin is your biggest organ; it deserves only the most exquisite natural products. Many skincare products have unnecessary, synthetic, detrimental chemicals that burn the skin right off your body over time! We’ve decided to return to the basics.”