Detroit playground, acid

12-Year-Old Charged With Felony In Acid Attack On Another Child At Detroit Playground

A playground dispute has turned into felony charges for a 12-year-old Detroit girl who attacked another child with a caustic chemical.

The incident took place last week and involved 11-year-old Deaira Summers, who left the playground with second- and third-degree acid burns on several parts of her body. According to The Detroit Free Press, the identity of the other girl has yet to be revealed; however, the chemical she used to attack Summers is said to have come from her parents.

Kym Worthy, the Wayne County Prosecutor responsible for bringing charges against the unidentified child, referred to the attack as “an extremely troubling set of allegations” and released the 12-year-old on $10,000 bond during a preliminary hearing. “Instant horrible-decision making can have lifelong effects on others. There is no excuse for this,” Worthy said.

The attack happened on July 9 following a dispute between a family member of Summers and the unidentified girl. In an interview with Detroit local news, the young girl said the burning sensation caused by the liquid immediately made her scream out in pain.

“I hope she gets everything she deserves,” Summers said of her attacker. “I just saw a shadow, and I was, like, I know when someone’s coming up behind me.” After realizing that her skin was starting to burn and that her clothes were already starting to melt away from her body, the 11-year-old girl said she ran home and tried to wash off the chemical. Summers spent four days in the burn unit of a Detroit hospital for her injuries, according to NBC News.

“It is going to scar her for life,” said Domonique Summers, Deaira’s mother. “It was a traumatizing event that took place, and she’s going to remember this the rest of her life.”