13 Innovators Driving The Business Of Design

BE NEXT: 13 Young Innovators Driving the Business of Design

Andre Hudson, 35, Design Manager for Hyundai America, Los Angeles

Hudson was the lead designer on the 2011 Sonata, which lead to a 93% increase in sales year-over-year for the $98.9 billion company. He oversees exterior design at Hyundai and has also contributed to the Genesis Coupe, the Azera, and the 2009 Nuvis Concept. The College for Creative Studies graduate credits his success to the power of good design. "Designers have an amazing power because you affect people's lives every day long after the product has left your sketchpad or computer; everything you touch was designed by someone. Great design changes the world." To read more about Hudson, check out the January 2012 issue of Black Enterprise.