14 Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders From Black Twitter

In addition to expressing your concerns, discussing trending topics, and trolling Trump, Twitter can also be a great tool to learn, network, and gain business insight and inspiration. The social media platform gives users the ability to share their experiences, knowledge, and advice in bite-size nuggets. And perhaps the wisest, most vibrant corner of Twitter is Black Twitter. Black people on Twitter continue to set trends, make news headlines, and give great advice. Here are 14 successful black, entrepreneurial voices to follow on Twitter to help guide you on your journey to business success.

14 Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders From Black Twitter to Follow Now


Financial motivator Ash “Cash” Exantus is the co-founder and CEO of MindRight Money Management. He is also a wealth coach, speaker, and author, who will be a featured speaker at BLACK ENTERPRISE‘s FWD event June 19-22, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Get info here.

Follow him at @IAmAshCash.


Tarra Jackson (Twitter.com/MsMadamMoney)

Better known as Madam Money, Tarra Jackson is a personal finance expert, speaker, and author. She has a range of experience working in financial services with positions ranging from bank training manager to vice president of lending, to interim president and CEO. She often shares tweets about investing and debt reduction.

Follow her at @MsMadamMoney.


Alfred Edmond, Jr., SVP, Executive Editor-At-Large at Black Enterprise (Photo credit: Gerald Peart)

In addition to being the Senior Vice President and Editor-at-large of BE, Alfred Edmond, Jr. is an entrepreneur who is widely recognized as an expert on personal finance, small business, mentorship, and leadership development.

Follow him at @AlfredEdmondJr.



Karen Civil is a budding media and entertainment mogul who formerly worked as the VP of marketing at Beats by Dre. Civil is also speaking at BE‘s FWD event.

Follow her at @KarenCivil.


Ramon Ray hosting the 2018 Smart Hustle Small Business Conference (Image: John A. DeMato)

Ramon Ray is an entrepreneur, speaker, a personal branding expert, and best-selling author.

Follow him at @RamonRay.


Tristan Walker, Founder and CEO of Walker & Company

In 2013, Tristan Walker founded Walker & Company Brands, a company that makes health and beauty products for people of color, including Bevel, the men’s shaving line. The company was acquired by the Procter & Gamble Company last year.

Follow Walker @TristanWalker


Rodney B. Williams is a serial techprenuer who has founded companies like SoLo Funds, a mobile lending exchange app that connects lenders and borrowers in a peer-to-peer lending platform.

Follow him @RodneyBWilliams


Kimberly Bryant (Image: Wikimedia)

Kimberly Bryant is the founder of Black Girls Code, a not-for-profit dedicated to providing young and pre-teen girls of color with access and opportunities in STEM-related fields. Through the organization, they are exposed to and taught in-demand skills in technology—including computer coding and programming.

Follow her at @6Gems.



Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA is the CEO of Lady Bizness, a social entrepreneurship and engagement company. She is also recognized as a leading small business facilitator in North Carolina. Follow her at @LadyBizness.


Hustle (Image: John Henry)

John Henry is the co-founder and partner at venture firm, Harlem Capital. He can be seen as the host of the Viceland produced show, HUSTLE. He has been cited by Forbes + Inc 30 under 30, and Ebony’s Power 100. Follow him at @JohnHenryStyle. Henry will also be a speaker at BE‘s upcoming business conference, FWD.


(Image: Spectacular Blue Smith)

Spectacular Smith is the founder of the social media marketing agency, Adwizar. He has been named as an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur and is a Multi-Platinum Recording Artist with the group, “Pretty Ricky'” He also can be found giving love advice as a Bestselling Author in his book SPECTACULAR LOVE. Follow him at @iamspectacular. 


(Image: Chamillionaire)

Chamillionaire is a platinum & Grammy award-winning recording artist and the founder of Convoz. He was previously an EIR @ Upfront Ventures and is an avid startup angel investor who is constantly seeking to educate the community. Follow him @chamillionaire.


Arlan Hamilton (Image: Twitter)

Arlan Hamilton is the founder of Backstage Capital. She has been seen on the cover of Fast Company and is big on helping underrepresented minority founders secure funding. She has been known to never shy away from a tweet. Follow her @ArlanWasHere.


(Image: Luvvie Ajayi)

Luvvie Ajayi is an award-winning writer, digital strategist, speaker, and podcaster, who’s been thriving at the intersection of comedy, technology, and activism for 15 years. She built her nonprofit, The Red Pump Project and blog, Awesomeness Luvvie, which were both notable entities at the beginning of her journey. She can now be seen and headr all over giving you advice on how to do better on her podcast @Rantsandrandomness. Twitter has become a very viable extension of her voice and platform. Follow her @Luvvie.

-Additional reporting by Sequoia Blodgett