15-Year-Old Fashion Entrepreneur Opens Second Store and Lands Deal with Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia native Trey Brown is turning his birthday money into multiple store locations and a seven-figure business.

The 15-year-old is the owner of SPERGO,  a lifestyle clothing brand focused on inspiring individuals to keep going and follow their dreams. At only 12 years old, Trey wanted to find a way to help kids stay out of trouble and create a better life. He used his some of his birthday money to invest in his first batch of empowerment T-shirts. He sold out within seven days, igniting a fire within him to create an entire clothing brand.

Philadelphia Native Opens Second Store in Less Than 2 Years

SPERGO’s boutique fashion collection sells hoodies, sweatsuits, boxer briefs, and accessories for men, women, and children. Recently, Trey opened a second clothing store in The Pentagon City Mall located in Washington, D.C. His first location was opened in Philadelphia after receiving a $25,000 business grant from Diddy last tear.

Trey has sold over 30,000 units of merchandise since launching the brand in 2018, according to the company website. He has grossed more than $200,000 in sales for several months in a row. Many celebrities have sported the SPERGO brand including Shaquille O’Neil, Sean Combs, and Meek Mill.

Trey has often shared that being a teen entrepreneur has come with pros and cons. “Some people don’t take me seriously,” Trey told Philly Mag during an interview in 2019. “They kind of look over me when it comes to business deals or opportunities that they give to older people. But I let my work speak for me in those cases.”

He adds, “In the beginning, a lot of my friends laughed at me, but I always empowered myself. I would always tell myself that I am powerful, I am strong, I am amazing. They always laughed at me for that, but now they all want to do it, too. A lot of people counted me out, but I make sure I always get a seat at the table.”

Trey Lands Deal With Philadelphia 76ers

Trey’s persistence has paid off. Earlier this year, he landed a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers. He’s part of the ‘Buy Black Program’, an initiative focused on scaling local black-owned businesses.

“I started SPERGO three years ago, and I would never have imagined that I would be officially stamped a 76ers partner by my home basketball team,” Trey said about the partnership,  Baller Alert reported.


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Trey is enjoying consistent wins this year but it wasn’t always like that. He’s heard plenty of no’s, laughs, and people who didn’t believe in the vision. But Trey was determined to keep going and execute his vision.

“I don’t really get discouraged because I feel that “no” means next opportunity,” Trey told Philly Mag. “I believe that if I continue working hard the next opportunity is on the way.”