19 KEYS Discusses the Importance of AI: ‘If We Don’t Own It, It Owns Us’

19 KEYS Discusses the Importance of AI: ‘If We Don’t Own It, It Owns Us’

The latest technology that seems to be on people’s minds is artificial intelligence. With the sudden rise of popular social media apps utilizing AI tools, it’s important that we get on board before it takes off. The Wrap reported that the November launch of the ChatGPT app generated 672 million visits in January. That number placed the app within the Top 50 global websites. With the recent announcement by Google that they will be releasing their own ChatGPT alternative, the competition is escalating.

With information like this, it’s apparent that we need to focus on the latest technology, and 19 KEYS, a high-level thought leader who has a solid following based on his teachings and knowledge, knows that AI is the next big thing.

19 KEYS is the host of the hit podcast High Level Conversations, which is on the Earn Your Leisure Network. He is also the co-founder of The Block World Order (BWO), Goldewater, and Crownz Society. The knowledge he bestows upon his listeners makes him valued for all that he does for creating wealth and knowledge for those who want to create their own businesses. He is also determined to educate the younger generation in terms of creating wealth.

With a growing audience that continues to tune in for what he has to say, he has recently obtained more than 22 million views, half a billion impressions, and 12 million watch hours.

As we touched on myriad topics, one of the most important ones focused on artificial intelligence, with a look toward what’s next. Although it’s already here, we as Black people, who typically latch on to new things at the onset, must be prepared to not only know the importance of AI, but to start learning all aspects about it as the rest of the world plays catch up.

19 KEYS has been speaking about the significance of this latest technology as he wants people to be ahead of the curve. The shift is necessary as this is now “the next big thing.”

“The reason I’ve been talking about AI for part of the last five years, actively, on my own platform on YouTube and when I first started talking about it, is because I look at the focus of all the information. I study science. I study technology a lot, and I love technology. I love innovation. I love to see human progress.”

But KEYS says Black people are very far behind and, unfortunately, are not the ones at the forefront of building the technology. As we continue to complain about the lack of certain things, like jobs, political power, and ownership, there are advancements, like technology, that those who are in front of it will get to utilize to remain on top. The opportunity to become a part of artificial intelligence is right in front of us.

“And are we still operating in the old spirit of complaining when there is a new technology that is a solution?”

The changes are always in front of us as each generation has seen various shifts when it comes to technology. For example, there was a time when you had to actually go outside to obtain information. You had to go to the library. Now, there is social media, and the internet, where leaving your residence isn’t necessary anymore to get that same information.

“Specifically, because technology changes generations, it changes the world.”

KEYS also brings up the advancement of mobile phones. They are literally computers in our hands, where you can gather information in the palm of your hand. “We call them cell phones, but the least amount of things we do on them now is talk.”

Now we have artificial intelligence to do the things we don’t even have to really think about anymore.

“Now you throw in AI at an age where people are over-consuming information, and it’s causing mental exhaustion right? Because you know there’s so much information, but people don’t know how to think. So it’s too many choices, so people are either making no choice or bad choices these days, right? And now we’re at this point where the AI is saying that I’m going to take the thinking out of it now, right?

“Instead of Googling something where you have to do research when you go into a Chat GPT or you go into artificial intelligence program, you can say ‘Hey, can you write me a book about becoming a better person?’ and the AI spits out a book. You can say, ‘Hey, can you write it in the language of, you know, Einstein and Malcolm X?’ and the AI tries to duplicate that voice.

“Now you take that book and you go try to sell it and you going to mark that off as your own brilliance, it required no thinking.”

But, with the way artificial intelligence is, everyone will have access to the same tools built within.  But, with that same level of access, will some people have the ability to know how to use it? To tell them what to do?

“People are going to use it in a way to increase their effectiveness in business and life and research and everything. But then there is another percentage that is going to decrease their ability to think and research because they won’t have to anymore. So now they don’t even develop that process of what it’s like to research information.”

The trajectory of A.I. has grown to a point that it crosses multiple fields and has already been incorporated in ways that seemingly everyone and everything is turning to AI. You even have writers utilizing the technology to “write” for them (I can assure you that AI was not used for this article) and it may blur the technique of what’s original and what’s computer-generated. But, as KEYS has mentioned, AI is here to stay and we must get on board to take advantage.

There is an important statement KEYS says as it relates to AI, “I realize that if we don’t own it, it owns us.”