2 Chainz Purchases a Stake In The A3C Festival and Conference

Tauheed Epps, AKA 2 Chainz, has acquired ownership in Atlanta’s A3C Festival & Conference.

“I think investing is a good thing, period—especially anything involving a festival, music, something along those lines,” 2 Chainz told Entrepreneur. “I feel like A3C has the trajectory to be the next South by Southwest, as far as growing musical talent. We’re trying to implement more in the tech space, more in TV and film. So that’s where I see a value, and where I see an opening for me to get involved, to push the culture forward.”

The 2019 A3C Conference, celebrating its 15th anniversary, runs from Oct. 10 to Oct. 12 at the Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart and Hotel Indigo Downtown. The conference/festival hybrid, which bills itself as “connecting, educating, and inspiring the artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives that shape culture and business,” announced its speaker line-up on Sept. 4.

The festival announced 2 Chainz’ involvement on its Instagram account. “We’re excited to announce that Atlanta’s very own @2chainz has acquired a stake in A3C and has joined the new ownership group. He will be a creative curator and advisor involved in developing the experience in 2019 and for years to come…”

In the Entrepreneur article, 2 Chainz discussed the importance of investing. “You know, I have investments with Lyft. I have investments with Airbnb. I have investments with Polycade. If one falls on its face, will I be mad? No, because I felt really good about the space that it’s in. If Lyft goes out of business, will I be mad? If Lime goes out of business? Nah. Some of those things, you just can’t control. I come from the streets. I come from gambling. I come from hustling. I come from taking chances. It doesn’t bother me, like it may bother someone else. I believe in currency. I believe in circulation. I believe if it comes, and it goes, it can come right back.”