20 Family-Friendly Things to Do in Las Vegas

20 Family-Friendly Things to Do in Las Vegas

When most people think of taking a vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada, they think about non-stop gambling, shopping, partying, and endless buffets–sans kids. However, contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas is a treasure trove of fun activities for families. From catching one of the endless number of shows happening right on the strip to exploring wildlife, and some of the world’s most famous natural wonders located outside of Sin City, there are plenty of activities for the whole family.

Vegas.com writer, Ashley Oñoz-Wright, provided the following tips for family fun activities, both on and off the Vegas strip:

Catch a Show

Jeff Civillico, currently performing at the Flamingo through the summer months, has been voted a top Vegas show. His juggling, uni-cycling, and ladder-balancing will have the whole family ‘oohing and ahhing.’ Can’t get enough of the belly laughs? Head to the Mac King Comedy Magic Show, featuring one of the longest running magicians in Las Vegas who will have you laughing until your side ache.

The Blue Man Group is a wild combination of music, theatrics and art delivered in a high-energy performance that’ll have your kids talking about it for years.

Speaking of costumes, the Tournament of Kings has been a Las Vegas staple for decades and it’s pretty easy to see why. Your family will be transported to a medieval celebration that features horse jousting, dancing, singing and a feast fit for a king.

Explore an exhibit

Madame Tussauds has more than 100 wax figures that look exactly like your favorite stars; many of them even come in and sit for the artists. This means that while your kids are gazing up at their favorite Avengers or sports hero, you can get a closer look at J. Lo’s caboose. There’s a cool multi-sensory theater at the end of the exhibit your whole family will love.

Bodies…The Exhibition is like an anatomy class on steroids and hallucinogens. If your kids enjoyed dissecting owl pellets in school, they’ll be floored by the 13 whole-body specimens. That’s right folks, people actually donated their bodies to science so those of us who are still breathing can see what we all look like without skin. Here’s a good time for a life lesson. The exhibit also has a healthy lung and a smoker’s lung on display, so you can show your kids exactly what happens to their bodies when they experiment with cigarettes.

Exercise the whole family’s critical thinking skills when you step into the world of crime scene investigators. If you’ve ever binge-watched any of the CSI shows, here’s your chance to see if you’ve got what it takes to solve the case.

CSI: The Experience You’ll choose a life-size crime scene to investigate and get to work in the lab, take a look at photos, fingerprints and more. After you’ve pieced together your evidence and theories, the truth will be revealed in a re-enactment of what really happened.

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