250,000 Black Women Invited to Attend Powerful ‘Psychology of Success’ Event

250,000 Black Women Invited to Attend Powerful ‘Psychology of Success’ Event

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to make someone successful? Why do some people seem to have the Midas touch and consistently create abundance and success with everything that they do while most struggle to get out of the gate?

Without question, how we think is the number one determining factor on whether we will succeed or fail. Both in business and in our personal lives. Bold Fortune: The Psychology of Success is an event that will share, how having a strong psychology is what gives us the confidence, certainty and internal drive that is the common thread that runs through all successful people. How we think triggers our work ethic and gives us the optimism and positive expectancy that is critical for any success in life.

Procrastination, hesitation, fear of failure, fear of success, self-doubt, self-loathing, impostor syndrome and fear of rejection are the thieves of our dreams. Overcoming these challenges requires a shift in our thinking and a restructuring of our psychology. Fortunately, there are tools, strategies, and processes available to reprogram ourselves to default to our best thinking, feelings and behaviors. Bold Fortune: The Psychology of Success is a one-day virtual event aimed at helping those to take their lives to the next level. Dr. of Neuropsychology, Joseph McClendon III, and Vogue Magazine‘s first Black cover model, Beverly Johnson are joining forces to share their stories – and the science – behind their success.

Trailblazer and icon, Beverly Johnson comments, “Having been the first African American woman featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine, I often get asked what the secret is to break through. This event is my answer to that question.” Moderated by Dr. Cameka Smith, national media personality and founder of The BOSS Network, an organization of more than 250,000 professional women, the event seeks to go beyond inspirational and focuses on the neuroscience strategies of success. The event, BOLD Fortune: Psychology of Success, is designed to teach people how to harness the power of neuroscience to program their mindsets with the psychology of success. That’s what Dr. Joseph McClendon III has been teaching people for the last 35 years of his career, and it’s the subject of his NYT bestselling book Ultimate Power, A Black Choice.

It’s the foundation of neuroscience that got Dr. Cameka Smith on board for moderating Bold Fortune: Psychology of Success, and as the event approaches, she’s anticipating a high turnout and a dynamic event.

“When you bring people together who are not only inspiring, but who can also teach science and strategies, that’s when you truly create magic for change and transformation,” she said.

The event will be held virtually on Oct. 15, 2022, and still has tickets available for purchase.

For more details about the event or to purchase tickets, visit MyBoldFortune.com.

This article first appeared on Blacknews.com.