Olajuwon Ajanaku, Eastside Golf

Eastside Golf Collaborates with 2K Games for Special Activation at Morehouse College

Eastside Golf connected with 2K Games to collaborate on an initiative to gain the interest of young people to be involved in the game of golf at Morehouse College.

According to Complex, an event took place at Morehouse College spearheaded by Morehouse alum and Eastside Golf Co-founder Olajuwon Ajanaku. Students were invited to take part in the initiative and get the chance to play PGA Tour 2K23 during TOUR Championship week.

Ajanaku spoke of the importance of what the students witnessed in realizing they can live out their dreams and accomplish their goals in whatever they do.

“Hopefully, all students can see this and see that whatever they want to do within their profession is something that they can just make a plan, go about the steps of that plan, and truly accomplish it,” Ajanaku said.

Some student participants tried their hand at PGA TOUR 2K23, with the competition winners taking home a pair of TOUR Championship tickets. Other people were awarded Xboxes and some Eastside Golf line products.

With the game and clothes from Eastside Golf being displayed for the students, Ajanaku said both were intended to inspire young fans to know their dreams are attainable.

“The only way that a dream can happen is if you have a true passion for it,” he said. “Hopefully, they see that through the video game, through the stories that are told, through our capsules, and even pushing forward what we do next.”

Others who participated were there to help with the special Morehouse activation. They were TikTok personality Snappy Gilmore and 2HYPE YouTube collective member ZackTTG.

Participants played PGA TOUR 2K23 Deluxe Edition, Tiger Woods Edition, and Standard Edition. They are available now for Xbox and PlayStation platforms and on PC/Steam.