3 Ideas for Choosing the Perfect Company Name

When choosing a company name, you want it to be creative and different–but don’t forget to make it simple as well. Too often, people name their companies thinking only about what they want it to be called, rather than considering how it will be received by potential clients. Remember, the name of your company is the first impression of your brand. As the founder of a public relations agency, here are my top tips on choosing the perfect name for your business and your brand:

Make It Easy for Them to Find You

Honoring your grandmother or other relative in a company name is sweet and meaningful to you, but it could potentially be confusing for your clients. If your company includes a name that is not your own, clients will always think you are someone else, no matter how much time and money you spend on PR or advertising. I have had many clients that have company names that don’t match their own, and I often find myself starting to type an email to them using the wrong name –and I know them personally! If name confusion happens to someone with whom they work closely, imagine how many times they’ll be called the wrong name by new and potential clients.

Convey What Your Company Does

Make it easy for potential clients to recognize the service that you offer or products you sell. While there may be a personal story or an inside joke that led to the creation of your company name, clients do not know that!

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Leila (Khalil) Lewis’ career began in publishing, where she worked in marketing and editorial roles for business and lifestyle publications. Leila created Be Inspired PR in 2007, the first full-service public relations agency dedicated to the wedding and special event industry. Leila works closely with wedding and lifestyle brands, educating clients on marketing strategies, rebuilding corporate image, securing top-level media placements and helping them book new business. 

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