3 Reasons to Take a Closer Look at Quickbooks

3 Reasons to Take a Closer Look at Quickbooks

Running a business can be daunting; but without the right tools it can be downright impossible. At Quickbooks Connect – Chicago, Intuit set out to show small business owners how the company is prepared to take some of the weight off of their shoulders with software products and services that are both innovative and intuitive.

The ‘Own It’ Network

Sometimes entrepreneurs need advice that friends and family can’t help them with. When it’s time to set up payroll, hire or fire employees, or determine the right amount of inventory to purchase, it’s often better to talk to someone who has walked in your shoes. But when time is limited finding those people can prove a challenge. Through the Own It network, finding self-employed individuals with related experience is as easy as logging onto Facebook.

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“Forty-one percent of entrepreneurs say they are lonely,” explains Al Ko, vice president of marketing at Quickbooks. “There are not a lot of places for like-minded business owners to connect. That is why we launched the Own It network, and we are thrilled to see its success.”

Intuit’s trusted network of small business owners and the self-employed will provide a platform for novice and seasoned to learn from each other in a community by contributing questions and answers through live posts, video and photos. Join Own It: A Small Business Network.

Quickbooks Financing

When you think of Quickbooks most people think of accounting software. But over the last two years the company has also been able to loan out $185 million worth of loans.

“One of the hardest things is to try to find capital. It is incredibly difficult. But we have data which is a lot richer than your FICO score,” says Ko. “We’ve been taking the 2/3 rejection rate of banks and credit unions and turning it into a 2/3 acceptance rate.”

For a small business owner, the unexpected can be a good thing or a bad thing. Whether an opportunity arises to purchase inventory at an unbelievably low price or the roof collapses, not having quick access to capital can hurt.

With your consent, Quickbooks can gather key data about your company and match you in as little as 15 seconds to lenders who can fund your company in 24 hours or less; something that can only be accomplished in weeks through traditional banks and credit unions. Even SBA loans, which often take months to procure, are available within weeks through Quickbooks financing. Also, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to access rates through Quickbooks financing that aren’t available to the general public.

The Small Business Big Game Competition

Every enterprise wants to enlarge their territory and engage as many customers as possible.

The Small Business Big Game competition offers small businesses the chance to score the ultimate touchdown–an all-expenses-paid, 30-second television commercial during professional football’s biggest game taking place at Levi’s Stadium on Feb. 7, 2016.

“It’s not just about highlighting your business during the biggest game of the year, but the publicity and social media that surround it. Even if you’re not one of the finalists, by competing you’re able to get your brand message out,” says Ko.

To enter visit QuickBooks’ Small Business Big Game website. Phase 1 submission period will run through Aug. 7, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.