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3 Reasons Why You Should Create a Branded Google Plus Business Page

Google Plus Pages have been on the horizon since Google Plus launched in June 2011. Businesses, products, brands and organizations now have the ability to establish branded public identities in Google Plus in one of five categories: (1.) Product or Brand, (2.) Company, Institution or Organization, (3.) Local Business or Place, (4.) Arts, Entertainment or Sports and (5.) Other.

Tips on Establishing a Google Plus Branded Business Page

  • Know Where to Start: Creating a Google Plus Page starts with simply clicking on the creation page inputting your info and pressing “join.”
  • Use Your Real Business Name: Down the line Google is going to allow users to create customized URLs, when that happens you’ll want to be positioned to secure the one that aligns with your business name. Brand synergy is key to customer recognition.
  • Adding People to Your Circles: Think about how you want to engage with customers when you are developing your Google Plus circles for your Google Plus Page and add people accordingly.
  • Tagline and Photo: You can add up to 10-words so choose your words wisely. They should be direct and to the point of what represents your brand.
  • Look at Examples of Other Brands Using Google Plus Pages: Pepsi, Burberry, and Anderson Cooper are good examples.
  • Administrators: Currently, only a single administrator is permitted so organizations and companies will have to determine the single point of contact that will manage the page.

Three Reasons Why You Should Create a Google Plus Business Page

Direct Connect from Google Search: Google is adding features that will allow customers to add Google Pages to their circles in Google Plus. This feature is currently being used by a limited number of pages, which includes Pepsi.

Not establishing a page will be a lost opportunity in organic search. One of the key reasons a business should strongly consider Google Pages is their integration into Google Search. Google Pages are starting to appear in search and over time there will be a stronger integration. One of the big advantages Google Pages will probably have over Facebook Fan Pages will be page ranking in Google search.

Securing your Identity: Establishing a business page in Google Plus is a very good strategic move. Currently, Google hasn’t enabled the vanity URL feature that would allow users to customize their URLs like Facebook. This feature is sure to be released in the future. When it comes to the digital space, the earlier you stake your claim to a piece of social real estate the better for your brand and your pockets when it comes time to try and buy back what’s rightfully yours.

Adding Professional Features: Google is well positioned to add key business features that you’ll see rolled out over time that will allow for deep engagement with users. Google’s suite of apps/services positions it well.

Let us know how you are using Google Plus Branded pages for your business.