3 Ways to Manage the Opinions of Others

3 Ways to Manage the Opinions of Others

In order to have a fulfilling career in the marketplace, you have to learn to be led by the drumbeat within you, not the fast-paced clamor of spam going on around you.  Your productivity (for executives) and your profitability (for entrepreneurs) is intimately tied to your authenticity.

Opinions are not fact. Just as people can be right, they can also be wrong. Here are three keys to placing the opinions, doubts and comments of others in perspective:

NUMBER ONE:  Create Mission Statement. By having a clear understanding of your purpose and mission, you’ll be able to filter through the ideas and options presented to you.  You can click here to read my previous article on 4 Keys to Crafting a Personal Mission Statement.  Once you craft a mission statement, refer to it often and use it like a compass to guide your choices.

NUMBER TWO: Listen to Proven Leaders.  You want to make sure that you’re listening to people who have actually been where you want to go.  Don’t just listen to people who have an opinion about opportunities they’ve never encountered.  Remember, what you listen to leads you.  You want to be led by people who have been where you desire to be.

NUMBER THREE: Trust Your Instinct.  Never value the opinions of others more than your own. You should evaluate opinions as considerations not commandments.  No matter how well someone knows you and cares about you, no one on the planet knows you better than you.  Your intuition is your greatest gift designed to guide and guard you.  Take time to tap into it.  Most importantly, trust it!

I would love to hear your advice and experiences when it comes to letting your inner voice guide you in the marketplace. Any lessons learned from listening to the wrong advice would be great discussion as well.  I look forward to hearing from you.