3 Women Arrested at Nashville Airport In ‘Ghost Bag’ Operation

3 Women Arrested at Nashville Airport In ‘Ghost Bag’ Operation

A ghost bag is defined as a bag that gets checked onto a plane but has no one traveling with it.

Have you ever heard of “ghost bagging?”

It’s a new term that travelers should be aware of after three women were arrested at the Nashville International Airport for allegedly participating in what police call a “ghost bag” operation, WSMV reports. Officers were notified by Southwest Airlines on Nov. 13 of a bag that arrived at the airport, but no one flew with it. The bag contained brand-new Lululemon clothes, a receipt, a forged driver’s license, and a credit card.

Shortly after, three women came to the airport to pick up the bag, and according to Live 5 News, police found $20,000 worth of gift cards, $9,000 worth of receipts and merchandise, and 10 credit cards in the suspects’ car when they were stopped. Police said they believed the women were buying clothes with stolen credit card information and returning them to different stores to get cash or store credit. Torryiel Griggs, who was driving the vehicle, was charged with theft of property, criminal simulation, and credit card fraud.

A ghost bag is a bag that gets checked onto a plane but has no one traveling with it. Then, someone else waits at the arrival point to take the luggage from a carousel. While the term may be new to travelers, law enforcement says it’s not uncommon. This process is used as another way to transport drugs or carry out illegal activity. Once the checked bag makes it to baggage claim, the bag is in the hands of the airline, and it’s difficult for them to monitor who picks them up.

Jennifer Larson, a passenger who flew out of BNA, or Berry Field Nashville, on Nov. 13, said she didn’t like the idea of having unattended bags on their flights. She learned about the ghost bag operation after the arrest.

“It’s kind of scary to think that people can put whatever they want in a piece of luggage and ship it,” Larson said. “I hope that they regulate that if a bag doesn’t have a passenger with it. Then they don’t let the bag get on the plane. I mean, that’s common sense. If you are not on the plane, your bag shouldn’t be on the plane.”

Another passenger feels that Nashville is being targeted due to its growing popularity.

“These criminals are just looking for any way to manipulate the system,” Tracey Prue said. “Baggage claim is so easy to pick up someone else’s bags….Just be aware of your surroundings. If you see a bag going around by itself with nobody around, maybe let someone know.”