4 Savvy Things Every Recruiter Must Do to Find Good Talent

4 Savvy Things Every Recruiter Must Do to Find Good Talent

As we’re still in the early days of March, most companies are looking to get started with this year’s first-quarter budgets, and getting new talent is sure to be part of that plan. Recruiters and human resources professionals will have their hands full, seeking to find qualified candidates to fulfill their companies’ needs.

Meghan Bollenback of Brazen Careerist, a leading career events, development and recruitment resource, offers four things recruiters should do to improve their skills this year:

1. Determine the priority of vacant jobs: “As a recruiter, you may be tasked with finding candidates for multiple roles at the same time,” Bollenback writes. “Recognize some of the roles you’re scouring LinkedIn for may be more pressing and a higher priority than others given the needs of your company. The more frequently you discuss hiring priorities with your manager and understand which roles you need to spend more time on, the more you can focus and find the right hires at the right time.”

2. Don’t just use job-specific jargon in postings: “There is a fine line you must walk as a recruiter; you need to understand the role you’re hiring for—this may mean understanding industry or job-specific jargon—and yet you also need to attract strong candidates by appearing human and not just a company spokesperson.”

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