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Milton & Frederick Ochieng'

Milton & Frederick Ochieng 29/28
Lwala Community Alliance Rongo, Kenya

Compelled by tragic events, the Ochieng’ brothers established the Lwala Community Alliance, a nonprofit that battles illness and poverty in their village in Kenya. Milton, a resident at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, and Fred, a medical student at Vanderbilt, in Nashville, Tennessee, raised $100,000 and in 2007 opened the Ochieng’ Memorial Lwala Community Health Center, which has seen more than 32,000 patients. Their goal: to raise $1.25 million over five years and open a maternity facility.

Folu Okunseinde 29
Solutions Architect
IBM/Financial Services
Solutions Group Cambridge, MA

Okunseinde built high-speed messaging software used by clients in the financial services industry to disseminate information and execute orders for financial trades. It moves a message from one place to another in a millisecond, which can translate into millions of dollars and potentially aid other industries dealing with significant waves of data.

Jason Pratt 30
Yeast and Fermentation Scientist
MillerCoors Milwaukee

The microbiologist, charged with ensuring optimum yeast quality, troubleshoots and oversees audits and trains more than 50 microbiologist to produce quality beers for MillerCoors. Pratt also manages the global culture collection and provides yeast strains to international licensees that brew Miller Genuine Draft worldwide.

Michael Seibel 27
Justin.tv San Francisco

Seibel leads business development and manages investor relations for Justin.tv, an online platform that allows users to produce and watch live streaming video. Launched in 2006, the site has secured $9 million in financing since its inception. With more than 1.5 million downloads of its iPhone app, Justin.tv is aiming to be the first firm to provide a mainstream solution to live streaming from a mobile device.

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