5 Digital Tools and Resources for Creative Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re an artist, fashion designer, photographer, or handmade crafter, when it comes to the work of creative entrepreneurs it’s super important to use digital tools that help them market and sell their work.

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Experts say that for online marketplaces that help creative entrepreneurs curate and sell their unique goods and services, visual appeal is key to attracting customers. “I found that getting my items photographed professionally has made a huge difference in sales,” said Malacia Anderson, fashion designer and owner of LiLi’s Creations.

Beyond the look and feel of a project, creative entrepreneurs should also consider tools to help them communicate efficiently with clients or customers. Here are some additional ones to consider:

Adobe Ideas: This app is perfect for capturing your ideas while on the go.  It replaces your pen and paper with a digital canvas and several customizable brushes.

Red Pen: Is perfect for getting feedback from clients about visuals. With a goal to make collaboration super fast, the platform allows the entire team to point and click to give feedback while everyone can see the comments live as they happen. You can also ask colleagues and clients for feedback by giving them a private link, or inviting them via email.

Quality Camera

According to CNET, professional photographers require a level of customization, performance, and ruggedness that’s at least a notch above what consumer dSLRs provide. Some of the best professional digital SLR cameras of 2015 include, Nikon D4, Canon EOS 5D and Nikon D800. Learn more at CNET.com

Etsy: Popular with independent designers and handcrafters, the online marketplace is less expensive for sellers, and brings a targeted customer base of individuals looking for custom items. “You’re making your items available to the rest of the world. Use key words in your listing and titles, be as descriptive as possible with the descriptions, communicate often with potential buyers, and including international shipping is a bonus,” said Handbag Designer, Cortnie Hutchinson of LoveCortnie.

IndieGoGo: An online platform that not only helps you connect with people who will donate money to activate your ideas but it also spreads awareness about your campaign to a global audience. IndieGoGo is popular with Filmmakers and app builders as well as game designers and developers. If you reach your goal the site take 4% off of your funding goal.

As a creative entrepreneur do you have any favorite digital tools? Leave a comment below.