5 Innovative Lead Generation Strategies That Will Help Your Business Grow

If you are not implementing the best lead generation strategies, you are not empowering your business to scale. An increased volume of leads each day will generate additional customers and ultimately more revenue to your brand’s bottom line. However, it is essential to keep in mind that not all lead generation strategies work for every type of business. Consider implementing this innovative list of lead generation tactics to help you begin executing a successful marketing strategy for your company.

Press Release

Contrary to the opinion of modern content marketers press releases are not dead! A press release is a great way to expose targeted readers to your brand. In addition to the cost-effectiveness of creating a press release, you can also leverage the logos of the publications re-syndicating your release as social proof that will ensure the elevation of your brand’s perception. A simple press release is an excellent tool if you are releasing a new product and are promoting an exciting piece of news about your company. Towards the end of your press release, leave a link where users can visit your website and gather more information about your new product. Press releases are distributed in newspapers, magazines, and blogs and target a broad audience of potential customers (ultimately bringing more visitors to your website).

Email List

An email list is a great way to generate new leads frequently. Businesses with the most extensive email lists offer free content to readers in the form of ebooks, complimentary branding sessions, and training guides. Additionally, consider setting up an email form on your business’s website that offers a free promotional coupon to the visitors that signing up. This strategy will ultimately become a great system to continually generate a new list of potential customers to your business and allow you to properly retarget the potential clients who visit your website (and who have discovered your brand from reading your press release).

Landing Page

To capture leads, create a professional-looking landing page or “squeeze” page. After your page is complete, invest in a solo ad to direct potential customers to your page so they sign up for your promotions. Also, consider retargeting the visitors to your landing page via social media through marketing tools like Facebook Pixel.

Promotional Contest

Sponsorship has been used as a promotional tool to generate leads for as long as marketing has existed. The great thing about this particular lead generation technique is the fact it still works well to this day. Consider creating a local promotional contest, offering a prize for the best design or branded photo. This strategy is a great way to increase (and retarget) traffic to your business’s website as the contest becomes more frequently shared with others.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is also an exceptional lead generation technique you can leverage to bring attention to your digital brand. To utilize this technique, simply set up an opt-in box on your website that requires visitors to enter their email address and then requires the visitor to share your web page in order to see the contents of your website. Along with capturing a visitor’s email address, you are also getting your content shared to various social media outlets for additional traffic (adding the viral factor to your content).

Implementing lead generation techniques do not have to become a laborious effort. The key is to be as creative as possible and to leverage innovation to capture your visitor’s contact information. Simply put, your website visitors are not going to enter their personal contact information without receiving something of value in return. By offering value to potential customers, you are better able to grow your lead list and market more effectively with your business’s future promotions.