5 Marketing Outreach Tips for Entrepreneurs In 2019

If you are a small business owner committed to increasing revenue, developing marketing outreach campaigns is critical. What is marketing outreach? It’s a purposeful strategy to reach your target audience/market and bring awareness to that audience of the value of your product or services.

How quickly your small business grows is directly related to the effort you put into planning and executing audience outreach. There are a number of brand development and customer acquisition plans you should have in place for maximum business growth this year.

Tips for Successful Marketing Outreach Campaigns


Search Engine Marketing

One of the first outreach campaigns every small business owner should plan is their search engine marketing campaign. SEO (search engine optimization) is essential for long-term business survival. Everything from voice SEO (to take advantage of voice-activated searches) to image description, SEO should be integrated into your search engine marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is another vital element small business owners should focus their efforts on for maximum impact. A growing number of consumers are going mobile-only with their smartphone becoming their only means of accessing the internet. If you hope to attract mobile-enabled consumers to your small business, it is imperative you develop a detailed mobile marketing strategy for your company.

Content Marketing

Small business content marketing is no longer optional. If you are not creating engaging and helpful content for your small business, prepare to lose sales to savvier competitors who understand the power and potential of content creation. Make sure your content marketing strategy contains everything from text-based content to visual marketing options like video and infographics.

Landing Page Marketing

Landing pages are a powerful tool for small business owners wanting to increase their company’s conversion rates. Consider integrating landing page optimization into multiple aspects of your small business including e-commerce sales and social media marketing. Creating landing pages for customer outreach campaigns can significantly increase your conversion rate and increase your profits at the same time.

Social Media Marketing

Speaking of social media marketing, how you develop your small business social networking strategy is essential for increased growth rates. Understand who your target customers are, which social networks they use, and how they prefer to be marketed to on social media. Create a cohesive social media marketing plan for your small business and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to convert social media connections into paying customers for your small business.

Focus your efforts on these five marketing outreach tips for small business owners and you’ll be impressed at the ROI (return on investment) of your campaigns. Building a successful and profitable small business isn’t easy, but the rewards are definitely worth the effort when you turn your dream into a thriving company of your own.