5 Must-Read Small Business Blogs

I’m busy. You’re busy. We all have so much to do and not enough time to do it.  From family commitments, to trying to squeeze in personal time, life can be pretty hectic.  I always say, “the more you learn, the more you earn.”

Learning about proven entrepreneurial strategies from effective business leaders can lead to more time and more money; two things we could all use more of.

Here are five small business blogs that have made a difference for me and my business:

1. Damn, I Wish. This blog is full of word-of-mouth marketing gold, while keeping things simple, fun, and inexpensive. Here, you’ll find great marketing tips that tap your brain more than your bucks. Andy Sernovitz runs this blog and is author of the book, Word of Mouth Marketing (a great-read), which provides unique ways for getting more customers using the best and least expensive form of marketing: word of mouth.

2.  Flight Media. Witty, fresh, and down-to-earth marketing and advertising tips from a team of digital marketing gurus who help you focus on converting viewers into buyers. Created with the small business owner in mind, this blog focuses on how to best connect with customers by creating quality user experiences that drive traffic to your web site.

3. Bench. This Canadian bookkeeping company is an incredible, yet affordable, resource for small business owners. However, even if you’re not a customer, their blog is a must-read. It focuses on the financial side of things, but in a very simple and easy to understand way. So, even if you’re not a numbers person, you’ll still be able to grasp the topics discussed and suggested.

4. Lamar Tyler. Tyler is a small business profit strategist that helps entrepreneurs find holes in their revenue streams so they can better monetize their content and businesses.  Personally, I call him a digital marketing ninja, as he is truly an expert on monetizing brands. As creators of the #1 site on the web for black marriage and parenting, Black and Married With Kids, Tyler and his wife, Ronnie, have built a loyal following in the hundreds of thousands. They generated multiple six-figures last year from their website, and they’re on target to do over $1 million this year. I also encourage you to join his Traffic, Sales and Profits group on Facebook.

5. Shopify. This blog targets customers in a way that is similar to the Bench blog. Here, however, the focus is on website usability and how to achieve a streamlined user experience, all from a successful marketing standpoint.  This blog provides a ton of value for my business-building strategies, and helps to fill in knowledge gaps. You’ll also find additional links to other sites and business resources.

Gwen Jimmere is the CEO & Founder of NATURALICIOUS, one of the fastest growing natural haircare brands in the U.S. She is the brains behind the revolutionary OooLaLocks Hair Box—the only simple, four-step natural haircare system designed specifically for curly hair that is proven and guaranteed to take you from wash to ready-to-style in just 1 hour or less. Gwen is also a frequent keynote speaker and panelist on small business and entrepreneurship. Her natural haircare line is sold in Whole Foods stores, as well as in other fine retailers across the US and internationally.