5 Skills Successful Entrepreneurs Possess

Do you envy other entrepreneurs who attract media attention for their companies? Do you see other business successes and silently wonder why they’re doing so well when your product is even better? It could be that it’s not a matter of product/market fit, but more a matter of founder/market fit. Entrepreneurs who succeed tend to possess specific skills others fail to hone.

5 Skills Successful Entrepreneurs Possess

They are socially savvy

Failing to be socially savvy can have a direct impact on the success of your company. Knowing how to schmooze at a conference or how to interact with well-known members of the tech Twitterati can significantly improve your business’s exposure. Many startup companies have enjoyed increased success simply because their founders were wise in the ways of social connections. It’s not necessarily the business with the better product that wins; it’s the company with the socially-savvy founder that is more likely to earn attention.

They are good listeners

Entrepreneurs who are good listeners not only become better leaders, they also tend to outshine competitors. The more you develop your listening skills, the better prepared you are to notice tidbits others miss. Stop yourself from trying to think of your response while others are speaking and instead focus on listening intently to what others are saying.

They are good communicators

Just as good listening skills are essential, so too are excellent communication skills. From the way you speak to team members to how you explain your company in front of a crowd, each aspect of your communication efforts needs to be finely tuned. Customers (and angel investors) respond better to entrepreneurs with excellent verbal skills. Making an effort to improve your communication skills continually is an endeavor you will never regret.

They are self-confident

An entrepreneur without confidence is destined for mediocre success at best. It would be best if you believe in yourself as a business builder and as a leader. If you can’t confidently explain your business vision to others around you, don’t expect customers to come beating down your door.

They are risk-takers

Entrepreneurs who are risk-takers tend to achieve greater success than those who are timid and meek. Even if you tend to be more of an introvert, you can still improve your risk-taking skills. Try different marketing techniques, approach high-profile venture capitalists, or speak to journalists at tech conferences; anything you can do to get out of your usual comfort zone is fair game when becoming more of a risk taker.

Working on these skills can increase your odds of long-term success as an entrepreneur. Not only will you build a better business, but you will also create a better you in the process.