5 Small Scale Business Ideas To Get You Started On Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Owning your own business is an enticing endeavor. However, getting started can be difficult, especially, if you have plans for a large scale business. Large-scale businesses are expensive to run and require management and business expertise so it is not advisable for a first-time business owner to try to start a large scale business initially. For instance, I launched my first business Tech From Vets with a staff of three out of my home office and grew it to a nationally recognized award-winning technology company in three years. There are a number of small scale business ideas that can teach you the basics of running a business as well as help you raise the capital necessary to invest in your large-scale project. Alternatively, small-scale businesses are useful for people who want some extra income, but cannot commit a full-time schedule to the business. Read on to learn a few small-scale business ideas.

Pet Care

There are a number of businesses in the pet care industry that often prove successful. Businesses can help pet owners out by taking care of pets, when the owner is away, by walking dogs, giving baths to cats or dogs, or doing similar things. A pet care business is easy to get started if you have pet care expertise.

eBay Business

The internet has revolutionized how sellers connect with buyers. eBay has made it possible for average people to sell products all over the world through an online auction or store-style marketplace. If you are an artistic or crafty person, eBay is a useful place to sell your homemade crafts. In a world where almost everything is mass-produced, consumers will pay premium prices for unique, handmade products.

Wedding Planner

If you find the wedding planning process exhilarating rather than stressful, you may want to consider a career in wedding planning. Wedding planners get to help couples prepare for one of the most important days of their lives. With the average wedding costing over $28,400, most couples need the help of a wedding planner to make sure the money is spent efficiently and that everything goes smoothly.

Grocery Delivery

Everyone needs to eat, but many people have trouble getting to the grocery store regularly. Business professionals are often far too busy to take an hour or two to buy groceries, and senior citizens often do not have transportation to the store. You can help these types of people by delivering their groceries to them. For a fee, you can go to the store and purchase the items they want and then deliver them to their doorstep. You can maximize profits by shopping for several clients during the same grocery store run.


Landscaping is a small scale business idea for people who have experience with lawn care. Depending on how you want to focus your business, you can mow lawns, dispose of tree branches that have fallen, or even plant gardens for your clients. This is a convenient part-time business because you can take as many clients as you want to meet your time constraints.

Starting a small scale business is one way to learn business principles. You will gain expertise without facing the risk experienced by business owners who invest lots of financial capital and time into their businesses. You can use your expertise either to gain career advancement elsewhere or to prepare yourself to make your small-scale business a large scale business. If you are unsure about what type of business to start, consider your talents and see if they match any of the business ideas listed above.