5 Tips for Becoming a Master Mompreneur

The days of motherhood and careers being an “either/or” are long gone. Currently, having both simultaneously is the standard, and women are taking things to the next level. Women aren’t only balancing motherhood and career–they’re balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship, exuding a whole new level of determination, management, and commitment.

From the outside looking in, it may seem like these “mompreneurs” have it easy. They can create their own schedules, govern their workloads accordingly, and have it all, in one place, at one time. On the surface, that seems simple enough, but mompreneurs have revealed that looking easy and being easy are two different ball games.

How do these mothers do it well? Here are a few tricks of the trade:

1. Find your groove.

Though motherhood may come naturally to some people, with entrepreneurship, it might take time for you to find your knack. There are several moving parts to starting and maintaining a business, and typically you won’t discover many of those parts until you do. Allow discovery to be a part of the process; take one day at a time to continuously build, until you’re grooving right along.

2. Manage your time well.

Create a reasonable schedule for yourself and try to adhere to it. If you happen to get off course, that’s perfectly fine. Just find your way back. Managing time for your business and your family not only makes you feel like you’re turning all of your stones, but you’ll also be impressed by the pay-off of investing in both.

3. Whoever says you must always do it all, knows nothing.

Don’t, for a second, be afraid to ask for help. If you need a lending hand on the home or business front, ask someone you trust to do so. What you need to know firsthand, as a mother and an entrepreneur, is that your assistance is your golden ticket. Finding another set of hands that is willing to dig into your responsibility pot makes the load a lot lighter. Teamwork is what makes this dream work.

4. Don’t underestimate passion.

Build a business that you love, as sometimes that love will have to be the driving force. Find something you’re really passionate about, so your work won’t feel as daunting as it could. Loving what you do offers personal fulfillment, reduces the stress of the work, and can help sustain your energy.

5. Let yourself off of the hook.

Sometimes balls drop, and that has to be okay. Situations change, schedules alter, things don’t always go exactly as planned, but motherhood has prepared you for anticipating the unexpected. Try not to be too hard on yourself if your superwoman cape starts to wrinkle. Look at unforeseen circumstances as opportunities to be innovative, to learn, and test your adaptability.