5 Tips to Refresh Your Entrepreneurial Brand from Dr. Stacia Pierce

There is tons of talk about “brand” these days, making it the new trendy buzzword in the entrepreneurial space. Well, the truth of the matter is, your brand is massively important as an entrepreneur, thus you want to be very clear on how the world sees you. The question that lingers for many is, how does one discover what their brand is?

Black Enterprise caught up with Entrepreneurship Coach and Brand Expert Dr. Stacia Pierce to find out what she feels we need to do to connect to our brand. A little background on Pierce: she’s not just a coach; she is indeed a doctor and is taking a holistic approach to helping you discover and foster your entrepreneurial brand. 

Dr. Stacia Pierce, Entrepreneur and Brand Expert Life Coach (Image: Life Coach to Women)

Everyone goes through stagnant periods in their work—even me!” said Pierce. “I believe having a self-care routine that reduces stress and opens your mind to new possibilities is the most important step to finding that inner drive again.”

Here are Pierce’s 5 Tips for Finding and Re-energizing Your Entrepreneurial Brand:

Read, Read, Read!

Books, magazines, and even Twitter are limitless sources to draw ideas from, gain insight, and learn more about an industry you’re interested in.

Get Outside

Fresh air, sunshine, and flowers awaken the senses and are a revitalizing way to calm the mind and slow down.

Focus on Gratitude

Being grateful is good for the soul and the mind. It encourages positive thoughts and can open up new opportunities when you share that gratitude with your clients.

Make a Plan

If you feel unsure of your next business steps, try following a roadmap. (Check out her Success Journal if you are in need of guidance. It has a place for every goal, challenge, and task alongside helpful prompts and tips.)

Renew Your Mind 

Read an inspirational biography, listen to an informative podcast, or enroll in a course and look for ways you can apply it in your own life.