5 Travel Apps You Should Download For 2016

5 Travel Apps You Should Download For 2016

If you’re suffering from a serious case of wanderlust and are ready to pack a bag for your next vacation, Forbes.com compiled a list of the best travel apps of 2016. From an app to help you find the perfect park for your pet, to a language learning app which helps you speak basic phrases while traveling abroad, there are many other apps as well to lock files like go locker apk, check out a few apps you should download in 2016.

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Keeping travel plans organized in one place can be a hassle–especially for frequent travelers. This app allows users to keep multiple flights and hotel reservations in one central online location. Users can also follow along with each other’s itineraries, allowing families or friends to keep tabs on someone’s travel, without constant updates.

Here’s how it works: once a flight or hotel booking is made, users forward the confirmation to an email address and the app automatically loads the booking into its system. If your flight is delayed or changed, notifications are automatically shared.

This app makes it easier for users to travel the world with pets in tow. It maps everything, including the best parks and pet-friendly hotels.

A modern-day Rosetta Atone, Bravolol features a basic phrasebook including over 13 languages. The app pronounces basic phrases and offers phonetic spelling, which is great for languages that might not be familiar or feature different alphabets. The best part is that once it is downloaded, no Internet connection is required. Move over, Google Translate.

City Maps 2Go
With guides to over 7,000 destinations around the world, this app is great for travelers’ feature articles and suggestions for destinations. And the app works without an Internet connection, as maps can be pre-loaded onto a phone.

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